Unveiling by Mr. and Mrs. Rick Hansen.

In a private ceremony on July 22, 2010, Mr. Rick Hansen of the Hansen Foundation and his wife, Amanda, unveiled the three specially constructed display cases containing the artifacts of Mr. Hansen’s Olympic and Paralympic journey.

Famed for his legendary “Man in Motion” world tour in 1985, the Richmond resident has graciously agreed to the display of his three 2010 Winter Olympic torches at the River Green Story Centre to continue the flame in the City of Richmond at River Green Story Centre for a period of six months.

The three special torches each represent a unique part of Mr. Hansen’s Olympic and Paralympic journey. They are the ones he lit the travelling cauldron with at the Richmond O Zone, wheeled into the Opening Ceremony at BC Place Stadium and carried to the BC legislature during the Victoria leg of the Paralympic torch relay.

Excited about the opportunity, Aspac Developments says, “River Green is our greatest and most exciting project to date, it promotes the core essentials of healthy living and sustainability as well as building legacies that will last for generations.”

The River Green Story Centre has dedicated one floor of the presentation centre to telling the story of Richmond – the position of Richmond (by land, by sea, by air), the history and people of Richmond, the health and wellness benefits provided by the Richmond Olympic Oval and interesting facts of the Olympic venue city.

The River Green Story Centre is open to the public daily (except Friday) from 12PM to 6PM and is located at 5111 Hollybridge Way, next to the Richmond Olympic Oval.