Mr. Lance Brown of Aspac presents a donation to Mrs. Magdelen Leung, Past President of the Richmond Sunset Rotary Club, in support of the 9th Annual Winter Wonderland festival.

The 9th Annual Winter Wonderland festival, organized by The Richmond Sunset Rotary Club, has turned their focus onto a global level, and will direct proceeds towards the construction of a community education centre in Refilwe, South Africa.

As the Event Sponsor, Mr. Lance Brown of Aspac Developments Ltd. attended the announcement at Richmond City Council Chambers on October 7, 2009.

Following speeches by Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie and event organizer, Mr. Brown presented Mrs. Magdalen Leung of the Richmond Sunset Rotary Club with a $10,000 donation.

A prominent Vancouver-based developer of master-planned communities, Aspac will be building the River Green neighbourhood in Richmond over the next 15 years. As Mr. Brown mentioned, “In Sotho-Tswana, the word ‘Refilwe’ means ‘gift’ or ‘we are given’…Today, Aspac is given the opportunity to alleviate challenges for the people of Refilwe through community projects, such as Winter Wonderland.”

The community of Refilwe was established in 1991, and is located north of Johannesburg. Residents of Refilwe face numerous difficulties in their daily lives, ranging from unemployment, poor housing, to lack of access to clean running water and electricity.