At a reception in June 2008 a noteworthy Metasequoia sapling was presented by Mr. Rey Chiu to Aspac Developments at the British Columbia Canada Pavilion in Beijing.

The Metasequoia is an ancient breed of tree in China. It is said to have existed since the Paleozoic Era and considered a living fossil. The sapling symbolizes a symbol of friendship between the two Olympic cities, Mr. Chiu attended the ceremony on behalf of Miss Yang Yang, the Olympic short-track speed skating gold medallist and torchbearer of the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

Aspac Developments, one of Vancouver’s most prominent real estate developers, will plant the sapling as a symbol of support for the speed skating athletes, wishing the Chinese and Canadian teams best wishes for excellent performances in the upcoming Winter Olympics. Aspac is a major sponsor of the Pavilion and is planning a completely new 3 million square-foot community development adjacent to the Oval in Richmond, B.C. following the 2010 Olympics.

Ms. Shirley Bond, Deputy Premier of BC, Minister of Education and Minister responsible for early learning and literacy, attended the ceremony to further promote friendship between Beijing and British Columbia.

The 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver and the British Columbia Canada Pavilion is currently exhibited right next to the Beijing Planning and Exhibition Hall, to promote the many aspects of BC.